It’s never too late

In life we tend to make many mistakes. We hurt many people, including ourselves. We don’t always realize the hurt and pain we cause until it comes back to us ten fold. I can attest to this. I’ve hurt many people throughout my life, including myself. It has affected me in many different ways.

I’m 41 one years old and it wasn’t until recent years that I started owning up to my bullshit. I began apologizing to people for things I did as a teenager. Hurt and pain lingers. It dwells and some people can’t let go because it has affected them in the worst of ways.

Mistakes don’t necessarily need to be hurtful. It can be things that you later regret. Things that you feel you should have said or done. Actions that you felt you should have taken. Today…I felt that regret. That pain. The hurt. The hurt of not opening up when I should have. Now it’s too late. That person will never know.

My old college professor reached out to me a few days ago and said “Marlyn, it’s never too late. Express yourself. He will hear you.” Now, I’m not a religious woman. I’m more spiritual than anything. But when she said that to me, I took heed to it and did what she said.

I lost someone very special to my heart. This person will always have a special place there. I attended their services this evening and as I approached the casket I knelt down and shed tears and spoke how I felt. Giving me closure. Although the loss truly is painful, the fact that I was able to finally let out my feelings felt relieving.

Hearts can be cold and not so forgiving. However, relieve yourself of the burden of the mistakes you’ve made and find closure in seeking forgiveness. If it’s vice versa then find relief in forgiving. Why lose countless nights of sleep holding on to grudges or being angry, or even holding onto words that you could have expressed long before?

Wipe away that mind blemish and put an “H” on your chest and handle your business. Life is too short my friends. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Not even an ant.

With love,


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