Dream a little dream…

Fame…what is it? Is it when you are on a celebrity status, a business mogule, an entrenpaneur? Is it those five minutes on Fox Five News of you being interviewed for saving a cat, or giving money to the homeless. How about buying all the girl scout cookies from the scouts in front of the supermarket?

Heroic and fame…two different words, two different categories, two different definitions however yet, they mean almost the same!

We all have heros right? Aw come on!! You all know you do!! Whether it’s a parent, an astronaut, a basketball player, or the President of the United States!! (Please tell me he is not your hero lol).

I have two heros. My childhood hero was Wonder Woman…who am I fooling…she still is! My second hero, my idle, my superstar, my predescessor, my big Sister Marisol.

I did a lot of wrong shit to her as a child. For christ sake, I wore red to her wedding…who does that??? I stole her car when I was 14. I will never forget that. She threw a high heel at me the following morning. I even went the lengths of breaking into her apartment when I was a teenager. I was homeless at the time and it was raining hard thundering and lightning and my dad refused to allow me and my then infant daughter back home.

I did so much foul shit to her but yet, she never stopped caring. Never turned her back on me and let me tell you, she’s turned her back on quite a few and never even bat an eyelash!! But me, never. She stood, and till this day, still standing.

When I was a little girl, probably up until I was 14, I played with Barbies and believe it or not…I wanted to be a school teacher. Now, those of you who know me, know that I HATED SCHOOL FOR A FACT!!! I was NEVERRRRRRR there!!!!! Cutting was my best class lol!!!!!

School was so boring, I hated the teachers, school books, most of the student body, the front office, guidance, and best but not least…ALL THE PRINCIPLES. I remember one year, my father came to the school in Hauppauge, NY dressed in a three piece suit looking like Telly Savolis, you know the cop from Kojack?? Yep that was my Dads twin. Except my dad is like 6’2″. No lie. He’s a big dude. Well, to make a long story short, the Vice Principle caught me in the lunch room cutting class. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, made me spill my milk, and dragged me into his office. He was this white guy with really red cheeks. Ugh he was so ugly. Anyway, we used to get this little quart cups of milk and I had mine in my hand. When he dragged me, I knew it was over for him. And I made sure that he knew that lol!

When he dragged me out and my milk spilled on the brand new sweater my mom MADE FOR ME (embarrassing), I told him nice and calmly….”Ooooooohhhhhh you’re in troulble now, my daddy is gonna kick your butt!’ That man screamed at me and told me shut up! He said “Shut up, your dad isn’t going to do anything but sit there and listen like all you spics should!!’

Let me just veer off real quick. Im the youngest of four sisters. I am the most spoiled by my dad, I am my dads favorite….get where I am going with this?? LOL

Anywho, once he made that comment to me, I laughed and he said “What the hell are you laughing for?” I told him that the more he talked the more he was digging a deep grave for himself. He didn’t believe me. Next thing you now, here comes daddy!!! He had a light gray three piece suit on, his sunglasses on and walked in with great confidence, even though he was pissed!

As he walked into the front office, he kept yelling
“Where’s my daughter!!! Where the fuck is my daughter!!!” School staff tried to calm him down but eh….nah didn’t happen. They sat their asses down and shut it up right quick lol! The principle then walked into the front office and I was against the wall in his office but I could see outside his door. Now mind you my shirt collar had been stretched out from him grabbing me and I had red welts all over my neck and arms.

So pops walked in and I jumped up and down screaming “Daddy, Daddy!!”. He grabbed me and looked at me and asked “Who did this to you?”, I turned looked the asshole principle dead in his face and said….you’re gonna get it now!!! My dad LOST IT! He whipped that mans ass so bad, when I tell you WHIPPED!!!! Sheesh, Dad became butcher of the year lol!!!

Ok so back to my story. I wanted to be this school teacher, grade school to be exact. I would have all types of worksheets my teachers gave away at the end of the school year. They were Summer Practice sheets. I had mine and collected tons of others. I really wanted to be a person that little kids looked up to. The problem was…..I HATED SCHOOL!

My sister however, she always emphasized to me how I needed to get my crap together if I wanted to live a great life like her. I ignored her. It’s what little sisters do. As I got older, I dropped out of High School in the 10th grade, worked odd jobs here and there, I started doing drugs, hanging out all night long not coming home sometimes leaving my little baby girl with my mother. All this wrong I was doing and yet my Sister Marisol never ever lost faith in me.

I struggled on Long Island, New York. I was drinking, hanging, on drugs. It was a horrible life. It came to a point where I grew so tired of the bull crap. I used to tell Marisol almost every year, “I’m leaving!!”. Yeah I lied.

This year though, I don’t know. Something just struck me hard and told me pack your shit and go be with your fave. And in a matter of 4 days, my entire home and family were packed and I left NY. Now here I am in PA.

Since being here, my thoughts of being a teacher have resurfaced. Not an elementary school teacher, but a college professor. I also want to take my blog to another level. And I want to come out with a clothing line! But I sometimes doubt myself, thinking that I am so stupid to think things like this could happen to me. But that Sister Marisol of mine…..she always finds away to bring my dreams to life. She has this confidence that what I want will happen. She doesnt care what any one elso thinks.

She’s always supporting me, drying my tears, making sure I have myself together. I’m her biggest fan. And to be honest, it was her idea for me to move from NY to PA!. She knew that I would find my peace here, and I have!!!

Marisol is a very different type of woman with limited time on her hands. But I will say this, She always takes a minute or two to just kiss me on my forehead and say…

“Make all those Dream come true, Only you can make that happen if you want it that bad”

~Marisol Culley~

So I am working on them now thanks to my big Sis Marisol. I have a lot of ideas and goals and dreams that I am determined to turn into reality and with her infinite amount of encouragement and support, I will make my dreams come to life!

“Don’t think it, but speak it into existence”

With Love,


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