No judgement zone

People are so quick to pass judgement. Not knowing what a person has or is going through, they will sit there and judge them relentlessly. Yeah, someone did that to me a few moments ago.

I used to care about people’s opinions. Now, I can give two fucks. I have a beautiful home, I have two cars, I have food, I have my children, I have money, I have my health, and I have my family. Nothing else matters.

The thing is, people who pass judgement never tend to judge themselves. I could throw this person under the bus, but I won’t. I won’t because I have standards. My success came from me and the help from my family. I’d be in shits river if it weren’t for my big sister and my brother in law. But I listened, I embraced, and now I’m happy.

So say what you want about me. Insult me until you’re blue in the face. As a matter fact, make talking about me your favorite topic. Use what I haven’t against me. I’ve been cut by swords before and I survived.

Every wound heals over time. I refuse to remain a prisoner to a persons words. People only put you down and talk about other people because they’re not happy with themselves.

So with this being said, I wish you the best, good luck to you, and good luck trying to bring me down to your level. Just remember it wasn’t too long ago that you came to me asking for a handout.

Im so glad I never did.

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