Introducing my 30+ year friendship

We all have friends. Some come and go, some stay for a lifetime.

This is about my lifetime friendship with my Best Friend/Sister…Kwanita.

It was 1983 when we met. I was 6 years old and she was 4. Who would have ever thought that by the year 2019 we would have witnessed our children grow, watch each other grow, and still maintain the sisterhood we fought so hard to keep.

Of course we’ve had our bad times as young girls. Fought like siblings. The best part though, is hours later, we’d resume our day as if nothing ever happened.

She’s my rock for sure. I am older than her but yet it feels like she’s the big sister (If you see how tall she is, you’d understand 🤣).

She called me today and boy I vented. I almost cried BUT she put a pause on that. She reminds me so much of my sister Marisol who too, has so much faith and confidence in me, and doesn’t hesitate as well to put a pause on my bullshit (and possibly a foot in my ass) when I’m in a dark place mentally. It feels great to have that unconditional support.

Kwanita, she and I shared so much in common. We both suffered hard childhoods, difficult times in our teen years, but as we became adults and Mothers, our perspectives on life changed. It took me a little longer to get where she is, but she never stopped loving me. She never doubted me, she never left my side…for over 30 years. That’s love.

I can remember so many times when my Dad went through one of his rages, she would grab me and take me right across the street to her house and tell her mom. Those were times I knew I was safe. She knew what it felt like, she understood and never left my side until she knew them blows were coming to a halt…at least for that day.

I remember one time when my dad flipped out so bad she took me to her house and told her mom I was hurt badly. My dad whipped me so harshly I had marks. Marisol was away at college so she couldn’t save me. But, Kwanita’s mom called the police and they took my Dad. I remember my mom sitting on the front stoop crying and the cop said to her “Why do you keep letting this guy beat your daughter?” My mom said ” He’s not beating her, he’s disciplining her!” She was crying when she said this and Kwanita’s mom went off on her. I will not forget this. I was about 10 and my other sister had a baby already who was a few months old and it was right after school finished. I never make excuses for either one of my parents because honestly, there is none. They were both wrong.

But there she was again, Kwanita saved the day!! And I love her for everything she has done, everything she stands for, everything she will be.

Not everyone can say they have this. Not everyone can say they’ve held on to friendships this long. But if you have, embrace it, endure every moment of it, appreciate it, and most important, love it. Because there aren’t too many “Kwanitas” in the world. I know this for a fact…because I am blessed to have the original ❤️❤️

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