You are appreciated

There have been plenty of times when I felt alone even though I knew that I had support. It’s hard to see who’s who when your mind is always cluttered with scattered thoughts and you just continue to ruminate. I needed to be away from the toxicity to realize who valued and appreciated me. Once I did that, I slowly began trusting again and eventually I opened up about what I was going through.

I have three sisters. All older than me. Although we are siblings, only one appreciated me. She continued to encourage me, support me, never criticized me, and was always there when I needed someone…anyone.

When a person is willing to sacrifice their time just to make sure that you are ok, you are appreciated. I will tell you that a battled many illnesses (which we’ll get into another time) many of which surgery was needed, this woman was there!! No one else!! My big sister that’s all!!

My other siblings are non supportive in anything I do. My own child doesn’t even support me, unless, of course, they play a cameo in the situation. That’s selfish right? Yeah I know.

I’m where I am today because of my big Sis and her husband, my brother in law, because they never gave up on me. I was always appreciated.

So don’t fret, someone’s there for you. You’ll realize that when you think that you’re in the worst situation in the world and that person shows up and usually it’s the last person you’d expect to be there.

Remember, there are children dying of hunger, women being trafficked, and Trump being President…

Your life ain’t so bad kid 💋😘💋

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