Monica’s Closet

     You ever see that episode of “Friends” where Chandler and Monica live together in Monica’s apartment, and there is this one door, since season one, that was never opened that Chandler questions towards the end of the series, and he decides to pry it open and finds out Monica’s dirty secret?? The fact that she isn’t so OCDish after all, she’s actually messy!!!!

That’s how I like to address certain situations in life. If I feel like there is a situation where there are secrets or that people are being  messy…they have a “Monica’s Closet”. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Shit happens. However, it’s bound to be called out.

It is human nature to keep certain things a secret because a person may feel that it is humiliating or embarrassing. They feel that they will be judged or belittled by the choices they make or have made. So they compromise to please others. Justifying certain things then hiding the truth in a closet. Tucked away behind the memory box filled with all the photo’s of their childhood and reminiscing over what they remember were good times. Not logically thinking…who’s happiness is more important, yours or theirs?

There are times where we feel the need to sacrifice our own happiness, even our lives, just to prevent certain things from happening, or to keep some of our secrets from coming to light. The real question is…how far are you willing to go?? You!! Yes YOU!!!! HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO GO WITH YOUR SECRET? What are you willing to risk so that noone opens your closet and finds your truth? And is your happiness worth he pain and grief that could possibly occur because you decided to pack your shit and hide it in “Monica’s Closet”????

Mine is not. There comes a point in our lives where you have to throw in the towel and say “Fuck it” and just embrace the shit. Secrets are like a fucking job. You gotta work hard at keeping them and lies come equipped with that shit. You have to stay on top of them 24/7. This is when you need to ask yourself, is your life worth living like that?

I can care tremendously, but when I love, I LOVE HARD. I learned that having a closet filled with secrets can ruin relationships, break families apart, and even cause physical, emotional, and verbal harm to a person.  No pain is worth having like that.

Not sure if this applies to you, but think about it. Your happiness is one of your most prized possessions. Don’t risk it for a secret or secrets that could cause more damage then the truth. I learned that when I found my mom’s “Monica’s closet”. She hid it for decades and then, BOOM!!!!, just like that…I opened it. I want to say it brought my siblings and I much closer, because that is what I feel, but my relationship with my mother…thats tarnished and I truly doubt it will ever be the same.

In conclusion, don’t be messy…cause we all have a Chandler in our lives….as well as a Monica’s closet…

Don’t be messy about your shit. Bye now.



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