Dear Daddy

It’s been exactly one month since your sunset, and still my heart is filled with more than a thousand regrets. I tried to come to you in time, to tell you what I held so deeply in my heart. But it wasn’t time enough, for you had to then depart.

My heart is filled with pain and hurts so much everyday, with just the thought alone, that you’re so far away. I wish a could see you to tell you how I feel. I can’t believe you’re gone Dad, this whole thing is so surreal.

I’ve lost myself again. I live my life in the dark. I look forward now to the day when it’s time for me to depart. Just so I can see you, and tell you how sorry I am. I wanted to be your daughter, the best I thought I can.

I hate waking up. So I live my life through sleep. Sometimes I awaken because in my dreams all I do is weep.

I’m so sorry father, for not giving you my best. I wish you could forgive me so that I can let you go and rest. My days grow long and lonely and all I see is you. What I thought was just a nightmare, is a nightmare that’s come true.

Life for me is meaningless and I don’t care if I go. My life without my father is hell in a deep dark hole. I struggle everyday and I know I should move on. But life for me is nothing, because my father’s life is gone.

I’m sorry Dad. Please forgive me for not being there. I’m so sorry.


Love Always,


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